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New Jersey Police Prepare to Use AlcotestⓇ 9510 in DWI Cases

AlcotestⓇ 9510 in DWI Cases

Drunk driving is a serious offense in New Jersey, and law enforcement officers take it very seriously. To catch and prosecute drivers who are under the influence of alcohol, the police use a breathalyzer test. Recently, New Jersey police have started to use a new breathalyzer machine, the AlcotestⓇ 9510, to determine whether drivers are over the legal limit for blood alcohol concentration (BAC). 

This new device replaces the older AlcotestⓇ 7110, which was previously the standard breathalyzer used in New Jersey. The AlcotestⓇ 9510 purports to be more accurate and reliable than its predecessor, which has faced criticism over the years for being prone to errors and requiring frequent recalibration.

In this article, we’ll discuss how the AlcotestⓇ 9510 works and how New Jersey police are preparing to use it in DWI cases.

What Is The AlcotestⓇ 9510?

The AlcotestⓇ 9510 is a breath-testing machine that measures a person’s BAC by analyzing their breath sample. It is the latest version of the AlcotestⓇ machine, which has been used by New Jersey police since 2006. The AlcotestⓇ 9510 is manufactured by the German company Dräger, and it has been authorized for use in DWI cases by the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office, but has not yet been found to be scientifically reliable by the New Jersey Supreme Court, which will be a prerequisite for its ultimate adoption statewide.

How Does The AlcotestⓇ 9510 Work?

The AlcotestⓇ 9510, like the AlcotestⓇ 7110 before it, measures the alcohol content in a person’s breath using two separate forms of scientific analysis, infrared spectroscopy, and electrochemical fuel cell technology. The machine takes at least two breath samples from the driver and analyzes them for their alcohol content. The machine then figures out the BAC by taking the average of the two acceptable readings.

What Are The Key Benefits Of The New AlcotestⓇ?

One of the key benefits of the AlcotestⓇ 9510 is that it is more user-friendly than the AlcotestⓇ 7110. It features a touch-screen interface that guides the user through the testing process. This can help reduce errors to ensure more accurate readings. It also has built-in safeguards that prevent the device from being used improperly, which can help reduce the risk of false readings.

What Are The Concerns?

However, the use of the AlcotestⓇ 9510 is not without controversy. As noted above, the device has not been subject to a hearing to determine its scientific reliability, which would have to be ruled on by the New Jersey Supreme Court. 

How Soon Will The New AlcotestⓇ Be Used In DWI Cases?

Despite these concerns, New Jersey police are currently moving forward with plans to use the AlcotestⓇ 9510 in DWI cases. The device has already been approved by the New Jersey Attorney General’s office, and police departments across the state are actively training officers on how to use it. However, at this time only municipalities in Monmouth County are actively using the device.

Lauren Scardella Completed NJ Training For AlcotestⓇ 9510, The New Standard In DWI Testing

As a DWI defense attorney, Lauren Scardella is dedicated to keeping up-to-date with the latest developments in breathalyzer technology and testing protocols. Recently, she completed the NJ defense attorney training for the AlcotestⓇ 9510, which was a comprehensive two-day training course given by Dräger and analogous to State officials. Lauren is happy that she is one of the few lawyers who has gone through this training. It is estimated that there have only been around 20 to 30 other attorneys who took the same training. By staying at the forefront of changes to DWI laws and testing, Lauren is able to provide the most comprehensive defense possible for her clients, making sure that justice is served.

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