Glassboro Criminal Defense Lawyers

Glassboro Criminal Defense Lawyers

Talented Criminal Defense Lawyers Skillfully Defend Charges Of Burglary, Theft, Assault, and More For Clients In Glassboro and Throughout New Jersey

Charged with a crime in New Jersey? Is your head filled with questions, unknowns, and fear? We understand. At Aydelotte Law, LLC, our talented Glassboro criminal defense lawyers have extensive experience representing New Jersey clients charged with a broad range of criminal offenses. Our compassionate legal team is dedicated to advocating for the accused — protecting their rights, preparing strategic defenses of the charges brought against our clients, and aggressively fighting on their behalf. 

Our legal team handles each case personally, keeping our clients informed of all developments every step of the way. If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime, you are not alone. Aydelotte Law, LLC is here to help you fight the charges brought against you. 

Legal Filing Deadlines For Bringing Criminal Charges In New Jersey

If you have been charged with a crime in New Jersey, you may have questions about the state’s legal filing deadlines for criminal charges. Every state has its own legal time limits — known as the statute of limitations — and they vary from state to state. New Jersey’s statutes are based on the type of alleged crime. 

Legal filing deadlines for bringing criminal charges in New Jersey are as follows:

New Jersey’s statute of limitations for felony crimes: 

  • Crime of bribery: seven years
  • Crime of official misconduct and related offenses: seven years
  • Other felony crimes: five years

New Jersey’s statute of limitations for misdemeanor crimes:

  • Disorderly persons offense: one year
  • Crime of petty offense: one year 

Exceptions to New Jersey’s statute of limitations for criminal offenses:

  • the statute of limitations does not apply if the individual who is being charged with a criminal offense is also facing pending prosecution for the same criminal conduct
  • the statute of limitations does not apply if the person being charged is fleeing justice
  • there is no statute of limitations for crimes of murder or manslaughter 

If you have additional questions regarding New Jersey’s statute of limitations for criminal offenses, speak to an experienced Glassboro criminal defense attorney at Aydelotte Law, LLC.  

Glassboro Criminal Defense Law Firm Skilled At Handling All Types Of Criminal Cases For New Jersey Clients

At Aydelotte Law, LLC, our Glassboro criminal defense law firm is skilled at handling all types of criminal defenses for our New Jersey clients. Our experienced legal team has handled a wide range of criminal defenses, including the following types of criminal and traffic charges and more:

If you have questions about the charges brought against you, schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with the Glassboro criminal defense lawyers at Aydelotte Law, LLC.

Compassionate Criminal Defense Lawyers At Aydelotte Law, LLC Protect the Rights Of The Accused In Glassboro and Throughout New Jersey and Advocate On Their Behalf For the Best Possible Outcome In Each Criminal Case

When you are charged with a crime, the strength of your defense is critical. Refuting the charge against you, questioning the validity of the prosecution’s evidence, casting reasonable doubt on the credibility of prosecution witnesses — these are all legal defense strategies employed by the skilled Glassboro criminal defense lawyers at Aydelotte Law, LLC.

To learn more about our experience and the services we provide, arrange for a free, no-obligation consultation with a criminal defense lawyer at Aydelotte Law, LLC. 

About Glassboro, New Jersey

Glassboro, New Jersey is a borough in Gloucester County and is home to 19,938 residents. In 2018, the majority of crimes reported to law enforcement in Glassboro were property crimes with 327 reported incidents. Reports of larceny/theft followed, with 250 incidents reported to law enforcement in Glassboro in 2018. Burglaries totaled 69 reported incidents in Glassboro in 2018, followed by 38 incidents of violent crime and 25 reported incidents of aggravated assault. There were 10 robberies reported to law enforcement in Glassboro in 2018, along with 8 reported incidents of motor vehicle theft, 3 reported incidents of rape, and 3 reported incidents of arson.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Criminal Defense In Glassboro, New Jersey

FAQ: What is a plea bargain and what does it mean for my criminal case?

A plea bargain is a legal, binding agreement between a prosecutor and a defendant. Commonly used in criminal cases, the plea bargain is based on a defendant agreeing to plead guilty to the charges brought against them in return for something that the prosecutor agrees to provide. For example, in exchange for a guilty plea, a prosecutor may agree to reduce the charge to a lesser offense. Or the prosecutor may agree to recommend a sentencing term that both the defendant and the prosecutor have agreed to. The prosecutor may also agree to drop one or more of the charges entirely. Plea bargains are quite common and are preferred in many criminal cases because they give both the prosecutor and the defendant some level of control over the outcome of the case and because they can be reached relatively quickly. It is important to remember that both parties must agree to the terms of a plea bargain so — as the defendant — you have the decision-making power as to whether or not you wish to accept the terms of a plea bargain.

FAQ: My family member is in jail. Can a criminal defense attorney help to get them out?

Yes, depending on the circumstances. A knowledgeable criminal defense attorney can attempt to secure your family member’s timely release from jail. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can also explain the New Jersey criminal process.



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