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Gun Charges

Camden Gun Charges Lawyer

Camden Gun Charges Lawyer

Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyers Are Knowledgeable Of New Jersey Gun Laws And Work To Protect The Rights Of Clients In Camden County and throughout South Jersey

It is well known that New Jersey has some of the strictest gun laws in the United States. There are specific rules regarding permits, gun ownership, carrying a firearm, and firearm use. The firearm laws in New Jersey have changed over the years and are continually revisited and updated. If you or a loved one owns a gun or is considering purchasing a firearm in the Garden State, it is imperative that you understand New Jersey’s gun laws. If you are charged with a gun offense in the state of New Jersey, it is a serious matter and having the best possible defense is the only way forward. Camden NJ Criminal Attorneys at Aydelotte & Scardella Law LLC have more than 18 years’ combined experience protecting the rights of those charged with gun offenses. A dedicated Camden Gun Charges Lawyer from our firm can aggressively fight the charges brought against you.

Legal Requirements For Owning A Gun In New Jersey 

In New Jersey, all gun owners are required to have a valid permit. Individuals may apply for a  Permit to Purchase a Handgun and/or a Firearms Purchaser Identification Card through their local police department. If the individual does not have a local police department, they must submit their application through the New Jersey State Police station that covers their municipality.  

In New Jersey, a permit is required to purchase any of the following firearms:

  • Handgun
  • Rifle
  • Pellet gun
  • BB gun

Questions about New Jersey’s gun permit laws? Firearm offense attorneys at Aydelotte & Scardella Law LLC are available to answer your questions at no cost to you. Contact a qualified Camden Gun Charges Lawyer from our firmto arrange for your free confidential consultation.

Firearm Penalties Under the New Jersey Graves Act

New Jersey’s Graves Act imposes mandatory prison sentences for individuals who are charged with unlawful possession of a handgun, shotgun, or rifle. Anyone who commits certain crimes while they are in the possession of a firearm will also face mandatory prison time if they are convicted.

If you are found guilty under the Graves Act, it is a second-degree offense and you face the following penalties:

  • Jail time: first offenders face a jail sentence of between five and ten years
  • Parole eligibility: parole is restricted — anyone convicted under the Graves Act must serve a minimum three-year sentence

New Jersey laws regarding firearms are very strict and even a simple mistake such as an error on your gun permit can lead to serious legal trouble. If you or a loved one has been charged with a firearm offense, contact a skilled Camden Gun Charges Lawyer at Aydelotte & Scardella Law LLC as soon as possible so that we can get to work fighting the charge.

New Jersey Restrictions Regarding Gun Ownership In The Garden State 

New Jersey has specific restrictions regarding who may own a gun in the Garden State. Specifically, in the state of New Jersey, it is illegal to own a gun if you have been convicted of any of the following crimes:

  • Aggravated assault
  • Arson
  • Burglary
  • Escape 
  • Extortion 
  • Homicide
  • Kidnapping
  • Robbery
  • Aggravated sexual assault
  • Sexual assault 

In addition, anyone who has been committed for a mental disorder is also prohibited from owning a gun unless there is sufficient evidence that the individual no longer suffers from a disorder that interferes or handicaps the individual in handling a firearm. Minors under the age of 18 years are also prohibited from owning a firearm, as well as any individual that is drug dependent or has a physical condition that makes it unsafe for the individual to handle firearms.

Questions About Gun Laws In South Jersey? Schedule A Free Initial Consultation With an Experienced Camden Gun Charges Lawyer At Aydelotte & Scardella Law LLC

When you are facing a gun charge, the stakes are high. New Jersey has strict gun laws and an arrest should be taken very seriously. A half-hearted defense can leave you facing stiff penalties; an aggressive defense can leave you returning to your life as you knew it. Don’t take chances with the outcome.  

The top-rated criminal defense lawyers at Aydelotte & Scardella Law LLC have extensive experience handling all types of firearm offenses, with a track record of successful outcomes. With more than 18 years of combined practical experience, we understand how complex New Jersey’s gun laws are and how a conviction can turn your life upside down.

Aydelotte & Scardella Law LLC offers a free initial consultation so that you can get answers to your questions regarding the gun charges brought against you and make the most informed decision possible in your situation. To schedule your confidential consultation with a trusted Camden Gun Charges Lawyer, contact our office today

Frequently Asked Questions About Gun Laws and Firearm Offenses In South Jersey

FAQ: Can I be arrested for carrying a gun in my car in New Jersey even if I have a concealed carry permit that was issued by another state?

Yes, you can be charged. The state of New Jersey does not recognize gun carry permits that are issued by other states. That being said, if you were simply traveling through the state of New Jersey and had your gun — unloaded — stored in a secure container in the trunk of your car, you may be able to get the charges dismissed. It is best to speak with a criminal defense attorney who is experienced in handling gun charge cases.

FAQ: Are you required to register a firearm in New Jersey?

While New Jersey does not require firearm owners to register their weapons, all firearms dealers must keep a register of every handgun transferred, and the dealer must record detailed transaction information in the register. This register is then retained by the firearm dealer and the dealer must make the register available for inspection by any law enforcement officer at all reasonable hours. Copies of the register must also be delivered to local law enforcement or the county clerk and the New Jersey State Police within five days of the sale of the firearm.



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