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Decoding Reasonable Suspicion: Navigating Traffic Stops in New Jersey

Given the complexity of New Jersey’s traffic laws, it is imperative that drivers comprehend the aspects of a lawful traffic stop. This is especially true for individuals facing a traffic violation or criminal charge resulting from a stop, as the concept of reasonable suspicion is a pivotal aspect in determining the legality of these cases. At Aydelotte & Scardella Law…

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New Jersey Expungement Timelines: What to Expect

In New Jersey, the journey towards a clean slate begins with understanding the expungement process. Expungement, a legal pathway to erase or seal records of a prior arrest, conviction, or other legal encounter, offers individuals a second chance to build their lives without the shadow of past mistakes. It’s a vital step for those seeking to overcome the barriers often…

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New Jersey Police Prepare to Use AlcotestⓇ 9510 in DWI Cases

Drunk driving is a serious offense in New Jersey, and law enforcement officers take it very seriously. To catch and prosecute drivers who are under the influence of alcohol, the police use a breathalyzer test. Recently, New Jersey police have started to use a new breathalyzer machine, the AlcotestⓇ 9510, to determine whether drivers are over the legal limit for…

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Overview of New Jersey Diversionary Programs

Diversionary Programs in New Jersey: An Overview Imprisonment is more than just a penalty – it’s a life-altering consequence that takes away nearly all of your personal freedom for a period of time. Even if you know you’ve committed a crime, there’s no doubt that you want to avoid getting sentenced to jail time. For first-time offenders in New Jersey,…

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A Guide to New Jersey Theft Laws

Getting Charged with Theft in NJ: Your Guide to the Law On the surface, defining theft seems simple. It’s taking someone else’s property without permission. Upon closer inspection, there’s a lot of different types of actions that can fall under this definition, though. From vehicle theft to stealing a pack of gum from the store, theft can have very different…

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