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Crimes Common Among Juveniles on Halloween Night

Unfortunately, some teenagers see Halloween as an opportunity to engage in mischief. While some juveniles may limit themselves to harmless pranks, others may step over the line and commit acts that constitute crimes.  Below we’ll discuss some of the most common crimes juveniles are arrested for on and around the Halloween holiday. If your son or daughter was arrested for…

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The Most Commonly Used Drug in New Jersey

The use of illicit drugs in New Jersey has grown over the past few years, with certain kinds of narcotics seeing a significant spike in prevalence. If you find yourself arrested for drug possession in New Jersey, don’t let a mistake significantly impact the rest of your life. Let an experienced drug defense attorney help you fight for your rights,…

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Understanding Red Flag Laws in New Jersey

New Jersey is one of the states that have adopted “red flag laws” in response to concerns about individuals who may pose a danger to others having access to firearms and other weapons.  What Are Red Flag Laws? Red flag laws are intended to identify individuals who are exhibiting early warning signs of having the capacity to commit criminal or…

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What Happens If You Are Charged with Resisting Arrest in NJ?

Resisting arrest constitutes a serious crime under the laws of New Jersey. Even if you are being arrested for a crime you did not commit or being arrested without probable cause, resisting the efforts of law enforcement officers to effect your arrest can lead to harsh criminal penalties in the event of a conviction. If you have been charged with…

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Many NJ Educators Discharged Since “Pass the Trash” Law Went Into Effect

In New Jersey, state legislators and law enforcement officials have put a significant emphasis over the last few years on investigating and responding to allegations of sexual abuse committed by teachers and school staff against students and children. As a result of these efforts, multiple teachers have been arrested for sex crimes involving students and children. New Jersey’s “Pass the…

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Individuals Charged With Marijuana Crimes Want New Chance in First-Time Offender Programs. New Marijuana Law Isn’t Helping

Individuals who had previously taken advantage of New Jersey’s diversionary programs for marijuana possession offenses are now seeking a second shot at these programs following the legalization of marijuana in the state, arguing that they had effectively wasted their eligibility for diversionary programs on crimes state officials now say they should not have been arrested for in the first place.…

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Governor Murphy Signs Historic Law Banning New Jersey Landlords From Asking Records About Criminal Records

The most obvious consequences of criminal charges include legal fines and jail time. However, there are many other factors that defendants often forget. One of these is how having a criminal record can impact your career and living opportunities. Most people know that a background check can prevent you from finding employment in certain careers. However, it can also prevent…

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Things to Know During The Memorial Day Traffic Crackdown

Every year, law enforcement across New Jersey engages in increased enforcement efforts during the Memorial Day weekend. If you plan to be out and about in New Jersey during the holiday weekend, you should familiarize yourself with what to expect during the traffic crackdown, and what to expect if you are ticketed or arrested during Memorial Day weekend.  New Jersey…

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Sentence for Assault in New Jersey

Assault represents one of the most serious violent crimes under New Jersey state law. If you’ve been arrested and charged with assault in New Jersey, you may wonder what kind of sentence you could receive if you are ultimately convicted on your charges. Continue reading to find out what the average sentence for assault is in New Jersey and how…

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