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South Jersey Man Charged with Criminal Sexual Contact of West New York Woman

An Atlantic County man was recently arrested and charged with aggravated criminal sexual contact involving a victim at a gathering at a private residence in West New York.  Atlantic County Man Arrested by Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office Rogelio Rendon-Mejia, 42, of Hammonton, NJ, was arrested by the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office Special Victims Unit on Sunday, July 11, 2022, hours…

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New Alcotest Device May Face Challenges in Court

New Jersey has always been pretty strict when it comes to combating drunk driving, however, the implementation of a new device called the Drager Alcotest 9510 may lead to new challenges in the courtroom.  What is the Alcotest 9510 and Why is It Being Rolled Out? It was recently announced that the new device, Alcotest 9510 will be placed in…

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Can You Smoke Marijuana at the Jersey Shore Now That It’s Legal?

With New Jersey having its first summer with legal recreational marijuana in the state, people may wonder whether they can legally smoke marijuana on the Jersey Shore. Recreational Dispensaries Now Selling Legal Marijuana in NJ Over a dozen dispensaries across New Jersey have been selling legal recreational marijuana since mid-April, with many more dispensaries to begin sales in the coming…

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N.J. Man Charged with Federal Hate Crimes After Antisemitic Attacks in Lakewood

A New Jersey man is facing federal hate crimes and attempted murder charges after he allegedly carried out a series of violent attacks targeted at Jewish people.  Federal Prosecutors Charge New Jersey Man with Attacks on Jewish Individuals, Other Criminal Offenses Dion Marsh, 27, was charged by federal prosecutors for a spree of crimes that Marsh committed on April 8,…

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Recreational Marijuana is Now Legal in New Jersey

As of April 21, licensed facilities are now permitted to sell recreational marijuana. However, the possession and use of marijuana are still regulated by law.  Dozen Dispensaries Ready to Begin Recreational Sales To start, 12 dispensaries that already sell medical marijuana under New Jersey’s medical marijuana program have been licensed to begin sales of recreational marijuana. While some medical marijuana…

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Stealing Packages Off A Porch is Now a Felony Crime in NJ

The growth of online retail has made packages dropped off on front porches a common sight throughout New Jersey. Unfortunately, because these packages often sit out in the open until residents come home in the evening, they are an attractive target for thieves, who have been popularly dubbed “porch pirates.” In response to increased rates of package theft in the…

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Everything You Need to Know About NJ’s Strict Liability for Drug-Induced Deaths

In New Jersey, people can be charged with a crime if they provide drugs to someone who subsequently dies after overdosing on such drugs. This crime is formally called strict liability for drug-induced death and is codified at N.J.S.A. 2C:35-9. The offense is intended to punish drug dealers and manufacturers for overdose deaths caused by the drugs they make or…

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What Are the Penalties for Cocaine Possession in New Jersey?

Cocaine is a highly-regulated controlled substance, due to its high potential for addiction and dangerous effects from use, and the fact that it has very little beneficial medical use. For that reason, possession of cocaine is considered a very serious criminal offense in New Jersey. A conviction for cocaine possession in New Jersey can carry serious penalties that may affect…

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