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15 People Charged with Alleged Racketeering Scheme in South Jersey

Over a dozen individuals who are alleged to be members of organized crime were indicted last month on charges relating to the operation of a criminal enterprise in Philadelphia and southern New Jersey. Members of Cosa Nostra Alleged to Have Engaged in Racketeering Efforts An indictment issued by the U.S. Attorney’s office for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania charged 15…

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NJ Governor Murphy Signs Three Bills to Reform Criminal Sentencing

Last month, New Jersey Governor Phill Murphy signed into law three bills that were passed by the state legislature aimed at reforming criminal sentencing procedures in the New Jersey criminal justice system. Specifically, the bills were targeted at establishing a new compassionate release program, studying the cost savings of earlier release of low-risk offenders, and adding age as a mitigating…

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NJ Corrections Officer Charged With Smuggling Drugs into Local Prison

A New Jersey corrections officer was charged, following a joint state-federal investigation, with having smuggled contraband into the Atlantic County Justice Facility. Corrections Officer Smuggles Contraband into Jail Luis A. Mercado, 25, of Galloway Township, was charged last month with second-degree official misconduct after a joint investigation between agents from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and officials at the Atlantic…

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Do Crime Rates Really Increase on Halloween? 

Although crime rates do increase on Halloween compared to an average day, most of the criminal offenses involve pranks and mischief committed by teens and young adults or involve alcohol-related crimes like DUI and bar fights.  Even though more serious crimes like assaults, kidnappings, and homicides occur everyday, these crimes can seem more memorable when they occur on Halloween, especially…

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Can My Child Get Arrested on Mischief Night?

Halloween goes along with “Mischief Night,” as many children and teens see the holiday as an opportunity to engage in pranks — hence the name. Some of you reading this may have participated in Mischief Night yourself. Unfortunately, when young people fail to fully appreciate all the potential consequences of a prank, or feel the need to outdo their friends…

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New Jersey Governor Vetoes Body Cam Bills

When the viral video of George Floyd in police custody emerged, it set off a wave of demands for police reform across the country. Despite this growing demand for reform, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy said he won’t sign two executive bills that would expand the use of body cameras unless lawmakers make some changes. Murphy stated that the bills…

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NJ Supreme Court Dismisses Over 1,000 Juvenile Warrants

The New Jersey Supreme Court recently ordered 1,400 outstanding juvenile warrants for failure to appear in court and more than $140,000 in discretionary fines to be dismissed. The dismissals include warrants for non-violent, fourth-degree offenses that are more than five years old. These non-violent fourth degree crimes can include shoplifting, possession of over 50 grams of marijuana and criminal mischief.…

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Attorney Nancianne Aydelotte Speaks Out on NJ Transit Case

A supervisor for NJ Transit was recently sentenced to five years in prison for organizing a scheme to steal $2.1 million dollars from the agency. According to the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office, Richard E. Schade, 63, who is a resident of Lumberton, NJ, conspired with four fake companies and approved payment to them for a variety of different services including…

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There’s a Special Law Enforcement Unit That Targets Child Predators

A unit of the Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office known as the High-Tech Crimes Unit has been developed to investigate cyber crimes and support other criminal investigations with data forensics. Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office Launches New High-Tech Crimes Unit The BCPO’s High Tech Crimes Unit is the primary investigation unit behind Operation Safe Quarantine, an ongoing multi-agency investigation launched at the…

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